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Today is Sunday, September 21, 2014 (2:07:36 PM EDT)
Musicians born on September 21 include:

1683 Pedro Rabassa (331 years ago)
1698 François Francoeur (316 years ago)
1706 Jacob Wilhelm Lustig (308 years ago)
1874 Gustav Theodore Holst (140 years ago)

Musicians who died on September 21 include:

1436 Paolo da Firenze (578 years ago)
1436 Paolo [di Marco] da Firenze (578 years ago)
1626 Philippus (Lips) Bach (388 years ago)
1751 Marie-Anne Ursule de Caix [l'aînée] (263 years ago)
1836 John Stafford Smith (178 years ago)
1953 Roger Quilter (61 years ago)
1961 Maurice Delage (53 years ago)
There are currently 2183 musicians in the database.
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